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Intraoral and Facial MC classes

The Intraoral Fundamentals and Facial MC course provides the LMT with techniques and education for providing Intra-Oral massage to clients. It is a safe and effective manual technique that works on muscles inside the mouth. The results can be life-changing for those with chronic pain. Many patients have been successfully treated for TMJ syndrome using Intra-Oral Massage Therapy, by using these specific massage techniques to the face, head, neck, jaw and oral cavity.
Intraoral and Facial MC classes begin Fall 2023
Prices starting at $330

intraoral massage therapy

Here at Remedy Wellness Collective you can learn to :

  • Reduce pain, tension, and stress in the jaw, face, and head

  • Increase jaw, mouth, and neck flexibility and range of motion

  • Improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in the facial area

  • Rejuvenate skin and healthy gums

  • Relieve clients from TMJ disorder, headaches, migraines, grinding teeth, and other jaw-related problems

An invaluable skill for anyone in the massage trade looking to break into intraoral massage or expand their education and training. Sign up today to continue your education

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